Downsizing ★★

Man people hate this movie. MAN people hate Matt Damon. MAAAN I wish this movie gave me any emotional reaction whatsoever.

Gotta respect Alexander Payne for having all of these *ideas* even if he didn't know what to do with them in the end. If you showed me the first hour and then told me to finish it off myself, what happens in the second hour would not be in my first ten ideas. Often the journey is better than the destination, and here it feels like the destination arrives with over an hour left to go.

Which is to say, I dug the downsizing concept, I was on board with making it an environmental issue, and I don't even have an issue with Damon - it just completely loses it once the downsizing has happened and the work begins. Less is more, and there are plenty of what-ifs in Downsizing that would have benefited from Payne just stepping back and letting us fill in the blanks.