Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

We live in cities you'll never seen on screen,
Not very pretty but we sure know how to run things.

I'm from a small Scottish town called Irvine, born and bred, and sheltered too. Where it ended, so too did my world. It's bordered on three sides by farmland, and on the fourth by the ocean. The next stop is Canada.

On the northern edge is a hill with five standing stones, and on a clear day you can see all the houses, trees, and hills to the south. I spent my teenage years sitting up there - my best friend lived nearby, in the fancy houses. The pretty girl a couple of years older than me with spiky hair lived there too, so I always sorta hoped I'd bump into her.

I rode down the hill on a scooter, hit a rock, tumbled over the front, bruised all my face and arms. I watched the sun set in summer surveying the land like Simba and Mufasa. I kissed the pretty girl in a truth or dare game - my first kiss.

I live in the city now - Glasgow - and swore I'd never go back to that small town where nothing happened and everyone knew each other. Now when I go back, hills and street corners and the sound of the sea are punctuation marks of my formative years. I paid too much attention to it to not secretly love it.

I'm sure London, Paris, New York are all romantic places, but they're not Irvine, or Sacramento. We all want to live through something just like Lady Bird, but we're living through something all the time and only notice once it's happened. Ten years later, I wouldn't trade in anything I did in this little town that I was lucky to come home to tonight.

To me, Lady Bird is for all the Lady Birds in their Sacramentos being seen, a long overdue acknowledgement that your world is your streets and your friends and your stories you'll tell forever. The universal isn't in the details, but the intention. I wanted to leave too, and I was angry that we didn't live in the big blue house, and that I wasn't understood. Maybe Lady Bird will find meaning in her young adult life (Frances Ha is surely this film's sequel), but I think she is everything that happened in Sacramento, and I'm everything this small town gave to me.

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