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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    I feel like we have a case of the emperor has no clothes on. This dreary washed out, tired bored gangster flic was bloated self-indulgence in the extreme. We don't learn anything about the characters or their motivations, just that they are fatigued but diligent gangsters. We're not drawn in to care about anyone. There is virtually no female element in the film--a film about a guy who married twice and had four daughters.

    All of it turgidly rattled by…

  • Criminal



    This remake hails from the tail end of the neo-noir/crime movie phase that Tarantino kicked off a decade earlier and is a hidden gem that may have been overlooked at the time due to audience fatigue.

    It was great to see John C. Reilly in a leading role and just plain great to see Maggie Gyllenhaal and she smoulders in this movie.

    The con is a clever conceit and intricate with developments I didn't see coming. I won't say more…

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  • Savage Dog

    Savage Dog


    Well put together, production-wise, it felt like a JCVD movie from the 90s. Something was missing though. It wasn't actually engaging--the stakes didn't feel real, a hunger for vengeance hadn't been stirred by the story--despite devoting a lot of time to the story. This one was very take it or leave it. It was nice to see Keith David, even if he seemed sort of out of place.

  • Midsommar



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    First, I loved Hereditary, though found it bizarrely flawed in that the three acts basically are comprised of three different films. Act One, a five star harrowing drama about a family disintegrating under grief.
    Act Two, a four star horror homage to seventies creepy magic/cults/Christian mythology horror films. Act Three, a short over the top, gory Rom Zombiesque absurd horror film about satanic type cults. Ironically, the comfort of the act two homage, and ribald absurdity of act three saved…