Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Overall Rating: Masterpiece (A+)

Sion Sono's magnum opus, Love Exposure, is a cinematic experience unlike anything I've ever witnessed and I don't think I will experience anything quite like this ever again. There's so much going on in this strangely profound, absurdly hilarious, hyper, perverted, innocent 4 hour epic, that it's almost impossible to stitch together words that would accurately describe what this film is about. It's honestly something you just have to experience. Sion Sono's filmmaking and storytelling is at an all time high during this lengthy epic, which flies by due to it's highly engaging, deranged structure and flawless pacing. The way this film manages to coherently discuss religion, identity, love, hate, innocence, sexual repression, trauma, and social structures, while also seamlessly interweaving them with elements of romance, comedy, drama, action and horror is insanely masterful. My Sion Sono journey is far from over, but I can say without doubt, that he is easily one of my all time favorite directors and Hikari Mitsushima is one of my all time favorite actors.

"I think film has the power to make audiences realize that if you are alive you will have painful experiences, and you'll get hurt. Showing the audience that you can laugh about it helps audiences laugh at their own pain or sorrow as well. -Sion Sono "

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