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Joe Comerford Retrospective

Featuring screenings of Down the Corner, Withdrawal, Traveller, Waterbag, High Boot Benny, RoadSide, Reefer and the Model and Emtigon as well as Joe Comerford in conversation event at the IFI this May.

Joe Comerford has worked as an independent director in Ireland for over 50 years producing work that is distinguished by its cinematic subversion and social commentary, with a trademark twinning of film narrative and visual-aural abstraction.

The Irish Film Institute is delighted to present 8 films directed by Joe Comerford as a special focus on his work, this May. These will include 4 feature length films and 4 shorts. Starting on 13 May, audiences will have a chance to see two different films back-to-back on each date –…

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  • Down the Corner
  • Withdrawal
  • Traveller
  • High Boot Benny
  • Reefer and the Model