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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    - I liked the feel of this movie. The music and whimsy made it feel magical.
    - Michael Stuhlbarg. 💙
    - Michael Shannon plays evil far too well. 
    - I will never look at getting a bullet to the cheek the same way again. *cringe*
    - The relationship between Elisa and her neighbor, Giles, is 💙😭
    - I want more, but I also want it to be a lovely one-off story all wrapped up in one package.

  • The Star

    The Star


    I thought this movie was very charming and adorable. Animated animals are either super obnoxious or really sweet. I feel like these were the latter.

    I feel like it did a pretty good job at telling the story of Mary and Joseph, with some liberties taken by the writers. But I also feel like it's mostly a story about an animated donkey and his animated bird-friend going on an adventure. They have to get from point A to point B…

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  • Paddington



    This movie is the very definition of happiness.

  • Gremlins



    I had not seen this movie all the way through since I was younger.
    It still makes me very happy... and Stripe is still my favorite. I also really don't like Hoyt Axton's voice and his acting :[

    Actual comments that actually happened during this watch party:
    While watching GREMLINS, Stripe pokes his head out of the box office with all the candy...
    ME: That’s me.
    MY FRIENDS: *die of laughter*
    ME: He’s got candy and he’s on the move.

    True story.

    Also see: @Lesaladino's Review