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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Isle of dog sneezes.  

  • We Need to Talk About Kevin

    We Need to Talk About Kevin


    One of the most masterful depictions of mental illness i’ve seen in film, capturing with neglect the obvious steps to a full blown attachment disorder: from the initial separation of mother and child — to the materialistic clingings he develops with age (tiny shirts, bows)— down to the manipulative behavior he exhibits and excels at to the very end. 

    Ramsay seems to follow and exemplify at every turn, Trust Vs. Mistrust: the first of Eriksons psychosocial stages. And damn, she does it well. 

    Also... probably the worst movie to ever watch on mothers day lol.

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  • Her



    Ahhh What is this film? I'm not sure. It's creepy, its brave, it's smart, it's cringe, it's idealistic; it's about absolutely nothing and it's about pretty much everything. Is it about humanities itch to counter solitude; how we seek a companion for the sake of the inevitable? Possibly. Is it about the ethics of artificial consciousness? Or the effects of such a dynamic to our society, and to our species? Maybe. Could it be about love; with a variable disembodied…

  • A Wrinkle in Time

    A Wrinkle in Time


    My first dine-in theater experience. Heres an approximate transcript of my thoughts:

    5mins: Oh snap, this place is awesome...

    8mins: Wonder if you can bring a laptop here...

    12mins: Eww that music cue was horrendous.

    16mins: I really dislike Charles Wallace...

    30mins: Yo.. they got Kelly Kapoor in this?? Dope.

    46mins: When’s the food come out???

    55mins: I hate Charles Wallace...

    65mins: *stomach grumbles

    71mins: What is Calvins purpose? Was this kid even casted or did he just occasionally stumble…