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  • Son of Godzilla

    Son of Godzilla


    This is peak stupid Godzilla. This movie kind of sucks as a Godzilla film but it is ENDLESSLY entertaining. Maybe the most entertaining movie in this series yet.

    I don't know who came up with this goddamn design for Godzilla's son but they need a promotion asap. It's awful, but so fucking funny to watch. The way he moves, the way he sounds, just about everything about him leads to some glorious b-movie shlock. And his relationship to Godzilla.. nothing…

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  • The Nest

    The Nest


    Hog Wild Marathon #25: Ewan's rec

    Pretty good, but nothing really exceptional. What carries this film are two great lead performances in Jude Law, Carrie Coon. I also personally really liked the soundtrack, but not sure if it even appeared enough for it to "carry" the film lol. Interesting to learn this score was the work of a first-time composer. But yeah otherwise, the prevailing thought that crossed my mind as I watched this was "I've seen this before". This…

  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane


    Hog Wild Marathon #24: League's rec

    Solid. Don't have much to say on this one. It's an enjoyable little thriller (not sure what's with everyone being confused on the genre for this, it's clearly a mystery-thriller). I think the romance between Mario the Magician and The Little Girl is obviously a little weird, given the unspecified age of Mario. But I was hooked by the mystery and Jodie Foster is pretty great in the title role. It's entertaining for a watch through but by no means exceptional. Would even say this would be pretty forgettable if not for Jodie.

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  • Gooby


    Plus half a star if you look at it like a Call Me By Your Name-esque love story.

  • Nowhere


    I don’t know how to put this politely, but Nowhere is an abominable film. 

    Watching this movie was pure dread. I had to take a short break every once in a while to prevent my desire to shut it off from rising too high. Okay, just look at this fucking screenshot. LOOK AT IT. I loathe this aesthetic. Absolutely loathe it. I don’t even think I need to say more. If you think that this cursed image looks “cool” or “fun”,…