Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

Time for a short review on a long movie!

I loved pretty much everything about this! Every core aspect that makes up a film was absolutely fantastic. Acting (especially from Yoko and Aya’s actresses), direction, writing, it’s all great in this. I also really love the story told and the way it’s presented. I liked the gradual decrease in silliness from the beginning to end, it starts off with Yu joining a Mad Max looking gang and learn panty-fu and ends pretty dramatically. It makes the first half of the movie more fun but the second half more engaging. It’s a fine trade-off. So yeah, that’s the stuff I loved about this movie, which was like 90% of it.

As for what I didn’t like, a couple things stick out to me. For a movie that was four hours long I felt this was paced pretty excellently.. except for a 30-minute-ish stretch in the second hour going into the third hour. This is the only time the movie dragged for me, which while I’m framing it as a negative, is actually pretty impressive for a four hour movie. Another thing I wasn’t fond of was the music. The individual tracks were pretty good, but goddamn it seemed like there were like five of them total. For such a long movie, having the same songs repeat so much got a little tiresome. Finally, I didn’t exactly understand some of the reasons why characters did certain things. Mainly Aya’s entire motivation and some things involving Yu’s dad. 

Still, all those complaints are pretty minor (except for maybe the 30 minutes it dragged). I still really loved my time with this. I kind of wish it kept going longer than four hours. I could watch this for ages, it was easily one of the most purely entertaining things I’ve seen in recent memory.

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