Yi Yi ★★★★★

I can’t remember the last time a 3 hour runtime passed by so smoothly. It’s incredible, makes me wish all long movies could be this engrossing.

I think the most impressive part of Yi Yi is its structure. It tells the simple yet paradoxically complex tale of one family in Taipei. Each family member branches off into their own main plots and the movie masterfully weaves in and out of each story. I found every single one of these slices of their lives to be just incredible. They felt painfully real at their worst and joyously uplifting at their sweetest. Yi Yi is a varied package to say for sure.

It covers everything about life that you can think of and it does it with such purity and finesse. The writing is legit some of the best I’ve ever seen in a movie. The cinematography is deceptively simple, with every shot barely moving yet hiding so much detail and meaning in plain sight. Not to mention that the entire film is beautiful too on top of that. Eye catching imagery and framing make every shot a painting basically.

Really torn between a 4.5 and a 5 for this. I’m probably feeling closer to a 4.5 at the moment but I know there’s so so much more to unpack upon further rewatches that will only make this film more rewarding so I’ll save us all the trouble and give it the 5 I know it deserves right now.

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