Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

“When will i know im Spider-Man?”
“You won't, that’s all it is Miles, a leap of faith”

If you know me, you’ll know im a big Spider-Man fan, and this year has been pretty good between the scene stealing moments in Infinity War and the great videogame that came out on the PS4 but, man, oh man, i was NOT ready for how absolutely fucking AMAZING this was gonna be. I don’t even know where to start so, okay, let’s break it down.

Man, i know people are tired of origin stories but damn, Miles' origin is great, and its not just the first 10 mins or so, you see him struggle and question himself over and over and when he succeeds you are genuinely happy for him.

-Peter B. Parker
Jake Johnson is great as this tired 40 year old Peter, he’s not the Spider-Man you would think he is, he’s gone through a lot in life and he’s done with everything but he learns a lot through Miles and their chemistry is wonderful.

-The other Spider-people
Spider-Gwen was a pleasant surprise, i was never a big fan of Spider-Gwen but she was badass and pretty funny in this, Nic Cage has a hell of a time as Spidey Noir, he talks like one of those 40s and 50s commercial guys and everytime he opens his mouth its GOLD, then we have Peni Parker/Sp//Dr who has a surprisingly small emotional arc and she’s just super cute and of course, Spider-Ham who is hilariously voiced by John Mulaney and can do anything a pig can.

-The visuals
Holy hell this movie is BEAUTIFUL, every single frame is bursting with life and so much creativity, the animation is something out of this world, just, so clever and incredible to witness.

-The music
Both the songs and the score by Daniel Pemberton are great, i specially dug the score so much, Miles' theme is super catchy, a bit urban mixed with classic, Peter also has a pretty full on heroic theme and even the other spider-people get their own small tunes.

 I think i could go ON AND ON about this but all i'll say is, you DO NOT wanna miss this, PLEASE go see it, it’s emotional, hilarious, stunning, simply put, a masterpiece.

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