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  • Kung Fu Masters

    Kung Fu Masters

    Y'know, for a movie literally called Kung Fu Masters, there seems to be a huge lack of Kung Fu.

    I will say that some of the animation looks nice, but everything else is ass. It's yet another turd from the folks at WowNow.

  • The Secret Life of Pets

    The Secret Life of Pets


    When I saw this in the theater, I thought it was a passable kids film. I didn't really think that much of it, but I did have a desire to look at it again. And it's a little better than I originally thought, though it does have its shortcomings. The characters, while it feels like there's too many of them, are really likeable and funny. Snowball especially is my favorite of the bunch. He's just so likeable and crazy, and…

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  • Frozen II

    Frozen II

    I can see it now. Frozen merchandise up the wazoo next month. Frozen T Shirts, Frozen make-up kits, heck, even Frozen restraining orders.

  • Ferdinand



    Why did this movie have to have a poopy trope? Was it really that important for this movie to have that essential poopy trope? It's pointless, because in literally 2 minutes, it's all fixed. How hard could it be to cut that crap out?

    Despite that, Ferdinand is a really funny, cute and even kind of touching movie. It can get stupid (dabbing horses much?), but the characters, animation, and John Cena's performance as Ferdinand shine through greatly. It's a sweet little family movie that's definitely worth recommeding. And that's no bull...yeah, I'll go sit in the corner.