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  • The Price Of Fame

    The Price Of Fame

    I grew up on WWF, GLOW, and basically any pro wrestling show that aired, so when I saw this on Prime, I had to watch it because we loved to hate The Million Dollar Man. Ted was easily one of the best villains in 80s pro wrestling.

    If you came here to hear his story in and out of the ring, move along. This is an emotional intervention that Ted's sons have with him over Ted's Hollywood-fast living when they…

  • The Woman

    The Woman


    As another reviewer noted, there's a LOT of God-awful alt-90s hipster music in this film, all from some guy who has to be friends with the director. With the exception of one instrumental piece, the music is terrible and omnipresent. I mean, come on, not every scene needs music, or worse yet, a whiny song. One star off for shit soundtrack.

    The story and film itself are...difficult. The bargain version, evil Will Farrell (Sean Brigers) is a morally bankrupt, disgusting,…

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  • See the Sea

    See the Sea


    What many films lack these days is a use of the art of subtlety and, when applicable, a true tone and feel of intense creepy.

    This film does both exceptionally well.

    I must admit that I feel odd clicking the "Like" icon for this film because its subject and events are not likable whatsoever. I enjoyed the director's pacing, love the weird-you-out/isolationist atmosphere, and love how the director makes you side-eye the drifter from minute one. The drifter is a…

  • I Am Happiness on Earth

    I Am Happiness on Earth

    I think the best possible user review for this film nails it in one line: "Pretensioso e mal acabado."

    You don't have to speak Portuguese to recognize the word "pretentious." And "mal" means BAD. Everywhere.

    WTF did I just watch?

    People wander on and off the screen, and it's purely accidental that we ever learn their names. This film showcases weird parties, the world's worst band and lead singer in any language, and incongruent sex. Yes, I used incongruent because…