Ritual ★★★½

Anno has created an honest, real look at not only mental illness, but also love, loneliness, and life. 

this film consists of philosophical nothings that amount to something profound. among them: the persistence of memory and the tendency of humans to alter it (purposefully or unknowingly). our thoughts are how we immortalize things — this is why it’s so easy for us to lose ourselves in them. and lose herself is something the female main character does. 

red floods numerous frames. when it doesn’t, it’s at least guiding the eye. i’m not sure why this particular color was underscored, but it was a beauty to look at. the imagery is striking and sometimes downright disturbing. overall, Ritual is very structurally creative. Anno is a visionary. Ayako Fujitani is phenomenal as the female lead, and her character perfectly complements the director’s.

i don’t really have a single problem with this film besides it being a little slow to start. it’s just not entirely my thing. excited to check out more from Anno though. thanks a ton jjc!!

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