Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★

The animation is absolutely gorgeous and insanely creative, it actually looks like a comic book brought to life and it makes me wish all upcoming live action comic book movies would be cancelled and turned into animated movies because as far as the visuals go animated is the way to go when making a comic book movie. Look at all those lifeless Marvel movies with cheap cinematography and concrete color grading and then this. If the only thing that mattered was visuals then this would be the best superhero movie of all time but it's too bad I didn't care about the story in this at all. The whole multiple Spiderman's thing is really dumb and messy and I just wish they picked one and made a movie about him. There's just way too many characters, the best part of the movie is the first 15 minutes when it's just Miles. Also while the animation is really good looking the whole movie is just drenched in this annoying 2zoomer4me aesthetic that made me feel old and like I wasn't the target audience. It reminds me of the Sony leaks when they said Spiderman should use snapchat and listen to EDM. The movie is also two hours long for some reason. Anyway this art style is fucking cool and I hope this inspires more studios to make creative animated comic book movies, like imagine something like Hellboy or Judge Dredd done like this. I'm way more interested in how this movie was actually made than the actual story of the movie.

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