Tenet ★★★★★

christopher nolan has spent his whole career trying to make a movie as elegant and stupid as a small crystal knife. i didn't think he had it in him. the cars move backwards because they're from the future, the boat moves backwards because they flipped a shot of the boat moving forwards, this really is as haunting to me as when exactly the same thing happens in twin peaks. actually, to warn the world he would one day film this film, christopher nolan made use of tenet's turnstile tech to launch himself backwards in time, flailing and skidding and driving SUVs in reverse, to march 13, 2001, where, confident we'd suss it out, he left us a single clue. you can't hear the dialogue because he finally realized it doesn't matter. there's a cold war, cold as ice. to even know its true nature is to lose.

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