Julian has written 27 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2020.

  • Sylvie's Love

    Sylvie's Love


    Tessa is captivating, as usual, but there is nothing remarkable about this movie. It was a nice family friendly watch with my folks.

  • The Twentieth Century

    The Twentieth Century


    The art direction, costumes, hair and make up are out of this world wonderful. It’s was quite bizarre but difficult to follow what was actually happening.

  • Butt Boy

    Butt Boy


    We can learn a lot from the little boy who said a prayer of gratitude from inside the rectum of a middle aged man before literally eating shit. That kid understands the meaning of life much more than I ever will. This gets an extra star for the most beautifully disgusting ending to film, ever. What joyfully perverse humor! I never miss a film recommendation from John Waters.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Elizabeth Moss is acting her ass off in this movie. Too bad the premise is ridiculous AF.

  • True History of the Kelly Gang

    True History of the Kelly Gang


    Full of Homoeroticism & Violence.

  • Mank



    It was beautifully shot and I do hope Amanda Seyfried gets some awards love, but it was a little too long and rambling for my taste.

  • You Don't Nomi

    You Don't Nomi


    Showgirls will never die.

  • The Life Ahead

    The Life Ahead


    This was just one sad thing stacked on another. Loren was wonderful, but the film lacked any drive. Probably because it wasn’t going anywhere.

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks


    I’m underwhelmed. This would have been a total downer without the zany joy brought by Bill Murray, a few cute moments with Jenny Slate, and a funny cameo by a label maker.

  • Yes, God, Yes

    Yes, God, Yes


    I wish we had heard that dial up internet sound at least once, it would have made the flashback to 2001 complete. I vividly remember bible camp and this movie got it right. Totally sweet movie, nothing profound, but worth it.

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    I didn’t like this as much as the original. Obviously, it’s well made. It was more than a little long and just too much patriarchal bs for my taste.

  • Beanpole



    I just couldn’t get into it. And I’m super grateful for the subtitles because I could hardly hear anyone talking. It was an amazing use of green, quite beautiful.