IIHA has written 27 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2020.

  • Selah and the Spades

    Selah and the Spades


    The two leading ladies had amazing chemistry and I hope we see lots more of them both in the future. The film had a great vibe to it and there were a lot of really pretty pictures. I just wish the screenplay was as good as the rest of the film.

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant


    I just kept thinking I was supposed to like this movie more than I did. But it just made me irritated, especially after also having a long work day.

  • Troop Zero

    Troop Zero


    I love the Birdies of Tripp Zero. Those are 5 darn cute child actors. Who doesn’t love a musical number that ends with urination?

  • Shirley



    Moss and Stuhlbarg give outstanding performances in a film that doesn’t quite match their intensity.

  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    You know what I love?
    That Glenda Jackson won an Oscar for scaring a herd of cows with interpretive dance.

  • Blow the Man Down

    Blow the Man Down


    This was entertaining enough, but it left a lot of plot points unresolved. My favorite part was the bossy squad of old ladies that thought they knew better than everyone else.

  • Suspiria



    There is really no other film like this one...
    Except maybe the remake, but that is it’s own dance fueled incantation. 
    I was initially put off by the dubbing, but over the course of the film it added another twisted layer to the horror. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.
    The sound was grating and overpowering especially during death scenes, but I assume it was intentional. The lavishly adorned sets and masterful lighting were easily my favorite part.

  • Hair



    Love the music, but it would be a better use of your time to listen to the broadway recording. Either the original or revival would do. I enjoyed the movie, it just seemed really PG compared to seeing it staged. The movie was also oddly cast.

  • Alien



    Curiosity killed the...crew. If the cat was killed it would have been irredeemable. But what is a cat doing in outer space in the first place? I know, I’m totally missing the point.  Alien was suspenseful and a little gross, but Sigourney kicked some major ass. Plus, it is an excellent precautionary tale of what happens when you ignore quarantine protocols.

  • Jaws



    I jumped, I gasped, and I even let out a yelp or two, but it was more from surprise than any sense of suspense. It was a lot scarier in the  beginning when women and children were dying.  But the tale became totally implausible around the midway point. I mean, seriously, a shark with a vendetta against 3 men on a boat? I will say that idiot Quint got what he had coming to him. The moment he smashed the radio was when I started cheering on the fish. Dreyfus and Schneider had good chemistry and kept me involved enough to wait for the happy(ish) ending.

  • La Cage aux Folles

    La Cage aux Folles


    Cute, cute, cute. This film was absurdly overflowing with love! I avoided watching this because I felt the American remake was a giant disingenuous  caricature. But the characters work in the context of St. Tropez in the late 70s. There was a sweeter, tangible love between the central characters.

  • Love at First Fight

    Love at First Fight


    Watched this primarily because of my new fascination with Adèle Haenel. It was an original spin on the familiar boy meets girl story. Nothing groundbreaking, but worth the watch.