Julian has written 25 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2020.

  • Wonder Woman 1984

    Wonder Woman 1984


    You might want to have some crackers ready for the incredibly cheesy ending. 
    Wiig was perfectly cast and Gadot is gorgeous, but is that enough?

  • Yellow Rose

    Yellow Rose


    The music is great, but the rest falls flat. Which when you’re trying to sing a tune is not very good at all.

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    So, Part One was terrible on purpose?
    I almost didn’t make it to Part Two, but my love for Aubrey pulled me through. The second half was really well done, but the first...
    I get what the film was trying to say, but maybe I didn’t.

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    “I don’t have any secrets, but I am an ally.”
    Mary Holland is the mvp of this problematic romantic comedy!
    I realize that the coming out experience can be scary (even dangerous) for a lot of folks, but I just don’t think it is a funny premise for a romantic comedy. It’s sad.  
    I want to see the movie about how Kristen Stewart and Dan Levy’s characters became besties. Because they are both way too cool for this movie.

  • Blackbird



    Ummm... There are some wonderfully tender moments in this film, most coming from Wasikowska. Overall the script failed to make compelling transitions between said moments. Instead it was a series of “twists” that didn’t add to the story in any way. I love a good cry, which is why I rented this, but it didn’t tug at a single heart string.

  • Relic



    Yucky. I’m not a big fan of Horror films, but I love Emily Mortimer, so I stuck it out. I feel like it took too long to get where it was going and then it went past scary into gross. There was an emotional attachment to the characters but it wasn’t strong enough (for me) to enjoy it.

  • Greyhound



    I watched this movie with my father and can honestly say I would have never watched it otherwise. My father served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and I couldn’t help but feel connected to the movie for that reason. That said, it is a war movie, my least favorite genre, and it brought nothing new or exciting to the table. Tom Hanks is a treasure and the film rests firmly on his shoulders. I love Elizabeth Shue, but her character was unnecessary.

  • The King of Staten Island

    The King of Staten Island


    This movie is 45 minutes too long. It moves at such a glacial pace I’m pretty sure if you are stoned enough you wouldn’t even realize it’s a movie. It could just be a dude hanging out in your living room too long.

  • Driveways



    I really wanted this to be better than it was. That’s kinda the nicest thing I can say about it. Great ideas and overall theme, just not executed very well. There was some really clunky writing too.

  • Hope Gap

    Hope Gap


    Bening plays an unlikable person making a difficult situation worse by being completely unwilling to accept reality. So try to be in the mood for that.

  • Foul Play

    Foul Play


    Goofy. But not as funny as I hoped.

  • The Rhythm Section

    The Rhythm Section


    My stanning of Blake Lively - my distaste for Sterling K. Brown + a totally implausible plot = meh