These Days

These Days ★★★½

I feel like we all just talk and talk and have grown so accustomed to no one listening or digesting our words that we, a lot of the time, forget we have said them. Or forget that these words we say can be profound, funny, indicative of the person we are at that time or even indicative of the world we live in, at that time.
So when I heard my own words that I recorded for this project projected back at me the way they were, it felt all too real. And like what I perceive as mindless cathartic blabbing could actually be contributive to a bigger picture, which of course it is. Everything we say matters. Whether poetic, political, anecdotal, hateful, whatever. This was an accurate depiction of where I was at personally at the time and along with the other voiceovers, where this group was at. And collectively, where early twenty somethings are at 'These Days'.

Andre de Nervaux has made sure that the highlights are the words and the stories but that is not to say his presence as a director has gone unnoticed. The dreamy visuals compliment the words perfectly and the construction crafts a kind of subtle narrative of themes.

One could say that it is overly-romantic or reductive but let me just say I personally think that these are both extremely lazy criticisms. One should not have to mask their inspirations in their work until it is seen as original. That's so snide and sneaky.
And people are criticised for 'romanticising' when they are speaking unadulterated and without self-judgement. And whether that comes off as fake or pretentious, its real and should be applauded.

It makes for a dreamy, emotional, sometimes humorous watch. And the score is gorgeous. Proud of you Andre!

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