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  • Hanagatami



    "I gave birth to 6 kids! I feed them and raise them for the country. But one by one they're taken to fight in the war. You get it? All you boys will be taken and killed!"

    "War is hell, but I can't avoid my personal hell."
    "Do we all go to hell?"
    "Some will go to heaven, Minako."

    Hanagatami is weird, but there's a deep core of humanism and a strong anti-war message in it. The story is about…

  • Wajib



    This is an absolute gem from Palestine.

    This movie takes place in Nazareth, the largest Palestinian town remaining inside Israel, which is home to a Palestinian Muslim majority.

    But the main idea is not about militants firing rockets towards Israel government, or about people getting oppressed. What people think living in Palestine is about war, blood, kids carry a riffle. But no, this is not that kind of film. This is about people living there. There are people, family, relationships.…

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  • 24 City

    24 City


    I love the documentary nature, but saw several interviews performed by actors made me didn't care about it anymore.

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life


    "I can't change the world. The world is stronger.."

    A Hidden Life
    is a poem for every poet, who is invariably humming about the meaning of life. It is for all the dreamers who seek peace in this evil world, who like to keep their thoughts close to their hearts, and who ran to the mountains rather than life without honor. It is for those who look for freedom and happiness, choose a long journey in life who save their lives not through lies.

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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    Umm... guys? It's an elegant movie acted by talented and gorgeous looking French women. The locations, costumes, cinematography, and sets are breathtaking. Sadly it's just a typical lesbian love story and somehow it feels empty. I wish I had connected with this a lot more, but ultimately I found it to be very cold.

    "I wasted time."
    "I wasted time, too."

  • 1917



    They need to hire doll makeup artist for the corpses.