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  • Z



    Intensely important filmmaking, immediate and revolutionary.

  • PlayTime



    Playtime contains some of the best choreography, blocking and camera movement I have ever seen in any film. The sheer ambition to undertake such a project is admirable, and Tati manages to pull it off, creating an incredibly entertaining and complex film in the process. I have never seen anything quite like the nightclub scene, it is constantly in motion, and every cut and camera movement is timed perfectly. A brilliant film, satirizing the look of the modern city and achieved through peerless direction from Tati.

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  • Contempt



    The struggle between high and low art, producer and director, and a husband and wife, shot in magnificent cinemascope by Coutard. Blended with highly personal elements in classic Godard style, Camille dons a wig highly similar to Anna Karina's hairstyle in Vivre Sa Vie, as Godard and Karina were going through troubles within their marriage. As always, Contempt can be highly alienating to the viewer at times, none more tender and brilliant than the argument between Paul and Camille in…

  • Satantango



    Undoubtedly one of the best and most challenging films I've ever seen. No film has made me laugh of pure joy or cry of pure desolation in the same hour like this one has, or demanded my attention for ten minutes without a cut or a hint of dialogue. Tarr has made something truly incredible with this film, and a film that I will think of for a long time, haunted by its bells that ring for an eternity.