Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★★

I'd say that Kelly Reichardt is probably the best American director from the 21st century. The way she treats the people in her film with such tenderness and grace is so special. Her films are filled with life and love and reality.
When seeing a Reichardt film, but not knowing it was directed by her, you can probably still recognize it as her work. That doesn't necessarily mean that all of her films are too similar, but more that she has this consistency in her craftsmanship that is not seen a lot in the work from recent directors, that makes her films all the better.

Wendy and Lucy is not different from that either. Reichardt's skill at filmmaking radiates off the screen and she creates this modern masterpiece of small size.
Without a doubt, she is my favorite director together with Abbas Kiarostami.

(Bumped this to 5 stars)

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