Irreversible ★★½

Piece of art, loved film, for a lot of people a masterpiece or the best work ever...

From my point of view is a film well done, especially for the plot, but nothing more.
It's a film plenty of weird or awful scenes, probably all of them are necessary due to the plot should be explained and increase a dramatic situation, but I didn't like.

Moreover the rude lenguage by the hand of each one of those lead actors, were disgusting.

This one have been my first experience with this director, I mean this film is the first one what I watch of Gaspar Noé.

Okay, the scenegraphy it's insane, the way how the film was filmed is weird and at the same time so good I think.

Such an innovative way... how the screen it's falling, the video.
As if the videocamera would be turning around for nowhere, to be honest I don't know how explain it.

But I got shocked by each first plane, and those nudity scenes no words.

But I couldn't enjoy it... the headache hurted ahaha
At the same time I can understand why this film is rated like this.

🔙 The Beguiled

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