Stalker ★★★★★

Never, never in my entire life thought that would exist a film better than The Seventh Seal until I discovered this MASTERPIECE!

Tarkovsky who is one the greatest directors of all times, now I've not any doubt...
I could talk more than 10 hours about how great is this film, or make a review too long which anyone would read.

Anyway this film is pure art, thanks to the cinema for this film, thanks to Tarkovsky for carry off this such amazing masterpiece.
By the moment doesn't exist a film of this kind better than this one or at least I think so...

The philosophy plays an important role in this film, but not only it, also the poetry and a lot of references to the culture Tarkovsky explain to the viewer, which one is the sense of life.

Without be a film too complexity Tarkovsky gets explain in a perfect way, how can be feel those kind of person who are down, felling overcome by each event of his/her life and those who've never think in something positive.

The existentialism is too important. I mean you've to have a previous knowledge about it for understand this masterpiece.
Each sequence, that soundtrack can't be forgotten. Also the simetry is important for catch up the attention of the viewer and Tarkovsky made it for to make history in this cinema world.

Unfortunately this film or this director is not known by everyone, he should be know by each person who really loves cinema...

Please if you've not watched this fucking masterpiece yet. You've to watch as soon as possible.
Of course first of all you've to watch other Tarkovsky films first cuz maybe you'll not understand anything.

I'm regretting to one thing, not having seen this movie before.

This film would be among my top 3!😍

-Added to my Andrei Tarkovsky Ranking✅

-Added to my Top 10 Films of 70's✅

🔙 American Beauty 🔄

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