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  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    Only watched this because Charlize Theron is hot.

    STOP FETISHIZING BISEXUALITY THANK YOU!! Charlize Theron’s character is badass and NOT FOR YOU GROSS MEN. Ugh. And killing off the queer, woman of color? Seriously?

    Sure the aesthetics are cool, but anyone with a decent instagram can do that. Smh.

    Two stars for Charlize Theron and everything she does.

  • Coherence



    I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this quiet little psychological thriller. Very similiar to the Invitation, also an indie dinner party horror movie. Both of these movies prove that you don’t need a big budget or special effects to provide scares.

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  • Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial

    Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial


    Decently funny. Very heteronormative.

  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Similarly to how Lost in Translation mocked Japanense culture in the name of “art” and “humor,” Isle of Dogs is a culturally appropriating mess. All of the Japanese characters are racist archetypes filtered through a Western perspective. Although the cinematography and mise-en-scene were fantastic, these issues cannot be ignored. Wes Anderson has always relied on gender roles in his films and this is no different. All of the main characters are men. And the women, besides the white savior figure, are only love interests without anything interesting to say. A dissapointment for such a creative vision.