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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Not the Viking movie we asked for, but...

    The Viking movie we deserved.

    What a vicious, savage, brutal nightmare of a revenge story. Inspired by Hamlet and Snorri's poetic Eddas, I feel this was mismarketed. Alot of people in the cinema were complaining that this wasn't what they thought it would be. But really -

    Fuck those people.

    Eggers doesn't dish out for casual popcorn eaters, and for that he's one of my new favourite directors. He's truthful as he…

  • Black Angel

    Black Angel


    A beautifully slow shot short film, while it does meander through a half baked plot never quite realised; the surreal imagery captured me and took me by surprise.

    The soundtrack, and the visuals of Scotland were superb. I really do hope this gets made into a full feature length. It feels quite Arthurian in its characters & plot points. So would lend itself well on the big screen.

    And quite a surprise this little short inspired me to write some verse…

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  • Legend of the Mountain

    Legend of the Mountain


    With the exception of Mrs Wang, this is a near perfect movie. I really struggled to keep up with the subtitles everytime Mrs Wang spoke. Cantonese is such a fast language! I had this issue for Mr. Vampire aswell but it wasn't as prevalent there as it was here.

    That's my only problem with this film. That's it. Because this film is sheer beauty, probably the most beautiful piece of cinema I've ever seen for visuals. King Hu really delivered…