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  • Paddington



    My previous review reads "Petition to rename all pockets as 'sandwich compartments'", and I still stand by this.

  • In Between

    In Between


    This is a film that deserves way more critical analysis that what I'm going to give it right now. All I'll say is that I enjoyed it, a lot - I intended on only watching half and watching the rest the next day (the rental was about to expire so I had to at least start it) but instead I stayed up until 1am and watched the whole thing. I loved the pacing, and the energy level, if that's the…

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  • Frida



    Fuck you H****y W*******n.

    It was actually difficult to watch this knowing that HW personally instructed that extra sex scenes be added. The scenes are unnecessarily voyeuristic and don't add much, at all, to the film, other than to make it tonally confused. Not least because of the way these scenes are shot - the lighting is too perfect, the angle of Hayek's body too contorted. Even the shot of Kahlo (Hayek) as she lies unconcious and wounded is made…

  • BPM (Beats per Minute)

    BPM (Beats per Minute)


    About half way through this film, near the end of the intimate, real, humanising, and appropriately long sex scene, three (young!) people walked out, two of whom were a straight couple. As they left the woman said to the man, clearly referring to what she had only just seen, "God, that was awful."

    I'm still annoyed that I didn't have the quick-wittedness to yell "bigots" at them as they left. As it was I spent the next 15 minutes quietly…