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This review may contain spoilers.

"It'll be just like in the movies, we'll pretend to be someone else."

the first half sets up for everything that'll happen in the second half, it's essentially a dream and lynch perfectly encapsulates that feeling with the nightmarish atmosphere which is omnipresent which is why the film's constantly suspenseful even though I knew what was about to happen in the second half.

"Hey, pretty girl time to wake up."

the whole second half is absolutely incredible and further proves the genius of the first half and it somehow still manages to terrify me—reality is painful and the way we come to realise what just happened is quite upsetting.

there's honestly so much to talk about here—it's also critique of hollywood in how theroux's character is treated but it also additionally talks about the "hollywood dream" and it's many facades. also, another thing i love here is scenes with adam kesher (justin theroux's character)—it's just so inexplicably good. the movie also has perfect use of music and i can't even fully explain or understand it—it just fits the tone there perfectly, it's like being completely entranced!! furthermore and finally—love the ending sequence, it's still scary after multiple viewings and is such a mystifying and surreal experience.


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