21 & Over ★★★

i haven't watched this yet but i have before and i just wanna say all these reviews are the exact same as each other! why are you all SHEEP. half of u dont even know why u hate movies like this, u just complain about them because other people do. Kinda cowardly the way some of yall refuse to let yourselves enjoy modern movies for fear of people dimishing the value of your honest judgement and criticisms regarding other movies :/ People take themselves too seriously. U mold ur film taste in the same mold as everyone else. A communal mold :/ thats gross. Nothing really matters this isn't school, nobodys reading your reviews or comments looking for some fake deep intelligent analysis of movies about american parties and drinking. Also I can't tell if this attitude stems from a superiority or inferiority complex, acting like people who enjoy comedies and find meaning in easy movies are less intelligent and have a less reliable critique of other movies. Not that u have to like justify ur dislike at all or that ur a sheep if ur opinions are coincidentally the same, but just let yourself think for a moment? none of you are smarter than anyone who likes them. And writing letterboxd reviews like they're analytical essays doesn't make u intellectual :/ anyways miles teller is king and this movie is as entertaining and provoking as movies are