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  • Mother and Son

    Mother and Son


    although it was Visually astonishing, but somehow it seemed defective. it was truly a new visual experience, by using special lens for cinematography, each frame was like an impressionist painting, and these visual elements along with Sokurov's experimental directing, created an unique atmosphere.
    the film is supposed to be about a son's relationship with his dying mother, they have a few conversations over past, about life and death, and then the son takes his mother for a walk in nature,…

  • The Nun

    The Nun


    Rivette's second film is about the challenges and struggles of a woman who is under the pressure and attacks of different capitalist institutions such as her fake family, church and the profligate bourgeoisie that restricted her freedom.
    the french new wave filmmaker represents these challenges and explores his characters with his unique cinematic form, somehow different compared with other new wave directors, yet shares the same cinematic alternatives.
    his long takes, the observant and following camera that keeps a special…

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  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    the movie has a great beginning, the process of exploring the main character with the film's formal elements is quite successful, with the correct help of the flash backs, the POV camera and it's slow rhythm, we feel close with the main character and yet he is like a mystery for us, waiting to be discovered ... i can say that with it's powerful images and it's artistic montage, this independent movie could be an unexpected cinematic experience. but the…

  • Despite the Night

    Despite the Night


    his cinema is always full of new discoveries, the great Philippe Grandrieux is one of the most creative filmmakers of our time, a special talent that proves we still can dream about cinema ... he has been looking for a new language, a new formula and way for connecting the audiences with it's magical world.
    whatever we have in mind about narration, exploration of characters, direction, the way a movie creates it's world and it's language to communicate with us,…