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  • Flowers of Shanghai

    Flowers of Shanghai


    Gorgeous cinematography: the camera movements, lighting, and composition are some of the most masterful and beautiful I’ve ever seen. 
    But I found the story hard to follow and hard to care about: I like mood pieces, but it’s a little hard for me to get into it when the mood is “look how depressed, oppressed, or bored these people are,” and the atmosphere is deliberately stuffy and stifling.

  • 24 City

    24 City


    Fully thought this was a documentary til the lady from Twin Peaks showed up and I did the Leo DiCaprio pointing meme.
    Might have to chew on the docu-fiction format for longer but there are some very poignant moments. The monologues are almost a form of “anti-cinema” in the way they depict striking scenes through nothing but the characters’ own spoken description, it’s as if the director wants us to translate those narratives into visuals ourselves

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  • Battlefield Earth

    Battlefield Earth

        u                                                                         D

  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    There’s this thing that happens to me when I’m reading a really good book, where I start hearing the author’s voice in my head as I go about my life, like my brain is trying to inhabit the author’s world and describe my experience through their eyes.
    Wong Kar-wai is one of the few directors that has a similar effect on me: this movie gave me an afterglow where the blues felt blue-er and the greens greener, the rain felt rainy-er and the pineapples more pineapple-y. Every time I get close to something I feel like I’m looking at it through a wide-angle lens