The Room

The Room ½

Probably the only reason I watched this film was to get prepared for James Franco's The Disaster Artist, which I have been planning to watch for a long time now.

Although I had heard people reference this film for its poor execution and praise it for its unintentional ridiculousness before, it still amazed me how awful a movie can actually be. I thought I had seen flat characters, bad acting, cheesy dialogues, poor story structure, and awkward sex scenes, yet, I had never seen them all unconsciously put together in this manner. But for me, what makes The Room fail as a film, is how wrong its understanding of human relationships is, and the more it tries to present, the more it blunders. And despite Tommy Wiseau's efforts to push it as a black comedy for a long time, in the end, it is just a lousy melodrama, and it should be perceived as one.

P.S. I sat through this, so The Disaster Artist better be worth it.