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My most expected movie of the year. I went thinking that it was going to be a 10/10, and it resulted to be 100000/10. A-MA-ZING.
One of the best superheroe movies I've ever seen. The treatment of the characters is beyond equitable; if you didn't choose a team, the movie presents you the teams in a way you could understand and love both of them; nevertheless, If you're TeamCap or TeamIronMan, you're not going to change your opinion.

Spiderman and Antman were the jewels of the movie. Hilarious, perfect in their scenes. Everyone were so good.. But these two stole my heart.

Avengers is my favourite movie of all of them, and I don't if something can change that.. but what the Russo brothers did with this.. oh my god, I'm still shocking. I loved it.

Oh, and for the record: Team Cap. Always besides Steve Rogers, his team and goals.