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  • Evening Classes

    Evening Classes


    Oh first before I go to bed let's pour one out for another Cecil who couldn't make it here today. Sharing a name with him gave me...pride.

    Anyway this came with the Playtime DVD and you don't really need to watch it; it's Tati doing a long skit which seems like the equivalent of watching a stand-up comic do a middle-of-the-road routine.

  • PlayTime



    An old man wanders, or gets herded, around the city of the future, ending up in all kinds of exciting and funny situations. His story brings together physical comedy (not quite Chaplin level funny) with eye candy in the form of all sorts of deep-focus shenanigans.

    That sounds like a pretty good idea, and it is. Apparently multiple viewings are heavily rewarded, although I doubt I'm going to take many because I didn't find the comedy that funny.

    One issue…

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  • Bachelor Party

    Bachelor Party


    A young Tom Hanks makes fun of the rest of the characters and in one scene a donkey snorts cocaine. OK.

  • The Long Goodbye

    The Long Goodbye


    Having recently been informed that it's a mark of shame for any cinephile to never have seen a movie directed by Robert Altman, I resolved yesterday to watch one I could find streaming on Netflix*. From the first few minutes, a more accurate depiction of what it means to be a cat owner than any other I have seen from Hollywood, I knew I would like this. I can't say it got better from there, but it didn't fall.