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  • The Predator

    The Predator


    This film is so fucking dumb. I could let it slide for the first couple of acts, but in the final act it just became too much. It was so hilariously ridiculous. But still, The Predator is an entertaining ride, and I never found myself bored. Pretty much ever since the Predator shows up on screen the film just does not hit the breaks. Everything happens at 100 miles per hour, scenes fly by so fast, and the action is…

  • The Amazing Bulk

    The Amazing Bulk


    film is dead and the amazing bulk killed it

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  • Paterson


    Peaceful, soothing, loving, and tender. Paterson creates a calming and rather hypnotic atmosphere, through a consistently smooth pace, dreamy score, and it's understated story and characters. The performances were strong, and the film consistently touched me with it's heartwarming and sensitive tone. There are many scenes in this film that are totally magical; mainly the poetry readings, which are nothing short of bliss.

  • Dunkirk


    Nolan’s film is very well crafted in essentially every regard. I definitely think it’s his most pleasing to watch; the use of 70mm IMAX really shows. It brings visual grandeur and captures the enormity and of the events, most notably the beach scenes and the dogfights, which feel vast. All of the set pieces are incredibly impressive and perfectly executed. 

    The score, although arguably overbearing, is atmospheric and adds a certain intensity and emotion to the film. For me, Hans…