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  • Nights of Cabiria

    Nights of Cabiria


    I'd like to break my non-reviewing streak to tell all of you some important news:

    Review machine broke

  • Rapture Adrenaline

    Rapture Adrenaline


    At times this feels like a cohesive exercise in tone and editing, and at other times it feels like a scrambled, yet textural and detailed, memory and a perfect capsule of an era. Either way, I loved it and will be revisiting frequently as a mood piece.

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  • Silence



    We seriously live in a world where THIS is considered boring? This complete, visceral, cinematic experience has been called boring and dull. Maybe I'm alone here when I say this but SILENCE was the most on edge, intense and interesting film of the entire year. This is a nightmarish, religious allegory with tremendous acting, careful framing, and a sound design consisting of only diegetic sound. I cried, I gritted my teeth, I held my head, everything about this film was…

  • Moonlight



    Still the greatest final shot I've ever seen.