Frances Ha ★★★★★

Shout out to Truman Segal for pointing out on my last log that my next watch would be my 50th, in light of this I really wanted to sit down and write about this film from a technical standpoint, but I can't, this movie is 100% about emotional connection for me, and I don't think that will ever change.

It's kind of hard to write things about this film that I haven't already. I've never properly reviewed it but I've written enough blurbs and half reviews that can pretty much cover my thoughts about it and my love for it. Frances is one of the saddest characters I've ever witnessed, not because she's been through the most but because she is so grounded in reality and so tangibly close that I look for every single glimpse of sadness in her eyes and it gets to me every time. The power of this movie comes with it's simplicity, nothing really matters and nothing really happens but at the same time every little thing that's out of the norm is important and affecting. One of the most interesting "scenes" (it's technically a part of a montage but it's such a stylistic and tonal change that I consider it it's own "scene") is Frances in the bathtub. It's weirdly divisive among viewers, (meaning the way they read the scene) I honestly consider it the most depressing shot and performance in the entire film, but I've watched it with people who laugh at it because they read it as just another awkward Frances moment. The pain in her eyes is the worst, it's the most personal moment and it kills me. Not only that but it's a very important character moment, a metaphoric reinforcement of her biggest flaw: not being able to move on, staying just a little too long, always pushing things until they've lost their initial spark. The music breaks for that shot and that's really what makes it, the few seconds of silence when the look in here eyes is at an all time low, that's it, as much as I love Modern Love and the Dinner Party scene, that shot is the best and most emotional moment for me, it tears me up. Currently I'm going through probably the worst patch of depression in my life, I am so confused, I am so unorganized and in all honesty, this watch didn't help me at all, it fucked me up. I cried way more than usual because this is all getting waaay to familiar. I was meant to have a sort of party or celebration for my 50th watch but I couldn't wait and I knew that any event I planned would take to long to actually happen so I just decided to watch it. Now, I don't know if I made the right choice. The last 10 minutes left me really cold because this whole movie is so relatable, aside from that ending. But if anything, it made me realize how much I need to get my shit together. Something even Frances fucking Halliday does, so there's no excuse for me.

 I love Frances Ha, I love it, I just wish I wasn't so fucking incompetent currently. When I can't enjoy Frances Ha that's a sad day guys... sorry for all the whiny shit but this really got me down, I don't know what else to say.