Snowpiercer ★★★★

I was so excited to watch this film finally, for so many reasons, mainly being Bong Joon-Ho & a Chris Evans lead. Even with my excitement, it still exceeded much of my expectations. I was worried with the scenes that involved Tilda Swinton, that it would go over the top into just silly and stupid, as great an actress as she is, I really wasn't huge on her hunger games villain type character, but it really did a great job not to go over the edge. The latter half of the film In particular pushed it into a great movie.

Song Kang-ho is the greatest fucking actor my word, what a tandem he and Bong Joon-Ho are, Ed Harris is terrific as always and Chris Evans smashed it out the park, completely deserving of the lead role.

Everytime the film worried me it was going to go a way I didn't like, it flung straight back into what I wanted.

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