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This review may contain spoilers.

Podcast Macabre 2021 Viewing Challenge 
#39 Possession and/or Exorcism

Watched on Hulu. Ok admittedly not demonic possession, but there certainly was attempted exorcism of the internal force trying to control. 

Very confident film from the younger Cronenberg. Kind of a tough hang. Not because it’s not well-done, just super viscerally unpleasant for long stretches. Not afraid of extreme close-up gore and gristle.

The two principals are unbelievable, great performances.

Theory: Tasya becomes increasingly sociopathic with each possession she executed for her employer. In the beginning of the film, she has to practice phrases to be sure they sound appropriately human before she sees her husband and child. When the job goes wrong, and Tasya can’t make Colin kill himself, to tidily close the circle on the Parse assassination, Girder must have suspected Tasya was losing control. Had Tasya’s employers hollowed out her son Ira for possession in case Tasya ever had to be eliminated to keep things tidy? When Colin reverse possesses Tasya, threatening her husband and child, she doesn’t really care, telling Colin to go ahead and shoot them. Had Tasya finally become the ultimate sociopath, not caring at all about what happens to her family? Ira and Colin shoot each other, closing the circle on the Parse job, and Tasya no longer has attachments. On debriefing, Tasya no longer feels any remnant of her childhood guilt about killing and mounting a butterfly. She is now the ultimate remorseless assassin, with no human feeling.

I think. If anyone else can explain to me what happened, I’d appreciate it. 

Fucking scary vision Brandon Cronenberg has here. What the fuck was going on in his house growing up?

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