Parasite ★★★★½

if Shoplifters leaned less Roma and more The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo with a dash of Ocean's Eleven, a drizzle of A Serious Man, and a sprinkling of something I've never seen before.
if that sounds, at once, utterly deranged yet absolutely orgasmic - that's because it is.

Parasite is a staggeringly singular achievement in sheer storytelling.
I was played like a green fiddle, every beat hitting its mark with an accuracy that should be impossible - considering how many levels it operates on and moreover seeks to affect.
Nearly every sequence being an immense storm of writing, cine, music, cut, and performance that is firing on all cylinders, all employed to switch modes on a dime - between black satire, perverse mystery, visceral crime, and genuine human drama - with ridiculous ease. 
Wielding this ability, the film is a fantastical yet bitterly caustic dive into the class system while ultimately remaining a personal lament for the individuals trapped within it. 

It's an accomplishment that cannot go unnoticed, easily Bong’s strongest, and could very well be the most impressive feature of the year thus far, its only rival found in Midsommar.
a five-star rewatch is very much in the cards.
2019 ranked.

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