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  • Leave No Trace

    Leave No Trace


    3.5/5.0 = Great

    Wow, this was completely mis-advertised to me! Had someone told me this isn't just another "forest survivalist" drama with a dash of CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, I'd have made a more concerted effort to actually see this in theaters. And I'll admit that I didn't take the time out of my day to watch a trailer, but I wish something about the film's poster, title, or general presentation would've made it more clear that this deals with the insurmountable…

  • Network



    5.0/5.0 = Masterpiece

    Sleazier than the Italian mob, sardonic as Russian humor, and with its finger on the pulse like an EMT in a med-evac, Sydney Lumet’s NETWORK is revolutionary; the rare example of cinema so prophetic, so enduring, and so pervasive that it feels more important than ever. How this isn’t the first film shown in every film school is actually preposterous. In fact, this ought to be mandatory viewing for everybody in their senior year of high school;…

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  • Roma



    5.0/5.0 = Masterpiece

    Very hard to write about a film that is so intensely committed to just being a work of raw humanity. If you spent any time analyzing Paul Schrader's non-narrative diagram, you likely already realized that ROMA perfectly aligns with his so-called "Tarkovsky Ring", a mode of filmmaking that embraces all three arthouse subsets defined by Schrader - The Mandala, The Surveillance Cam, and The Art Gallery.

    The AMARCORD references write themselves, as do the Ozu similarities. But…

  • Annihilation



    1.5/5.0 = Middling

    So Alex Garland pumps out one of the smartest sci-fi chamber pieces of all time - as a directorial debut, no less - only to follow it up with a film that is best labelled "edgelord ARRIVAL"? I'm not trying to be mean-spirited, but it's kind of peculiar that the very same guy who helped usher in a new wave of smart sci-fi for Hollywood (a genre which posits that good science fiction can be made on…