Mr. Roosevelt ★½

1.5/5.0 = Middling


It's honestly a shame that MR. ROOSEVELT has such a hilarious opening scene, otherwise I'd have a much easier time flat-out panning the entire ride. In an indie scene densely populated by somewhat-funny, somewhat-charming, somewhat-eccentric stand up comics, MR. ROOSEVELT is the thorn in my side; the textbook example of everything I've come to loathe about semi-autobiographical stand-up comic dramedies. It's never dramatic enough to make me care, never funny enough to make me cheer. Instead, it delivers a consistent, tepid set of gags, all wrapped around the oh-so defunct qualities of our woefully quirky protagonist. And I say quirky with purpose, because MR. ROOSEVELT makes a huge point to talk down on the use of that word, but for what it's worth there's no better way to articulate everything wrong with this film. MR. ROOSEVELT is quirky in the exact manner people love using that word. It's fun with a question mark; a film that you'd like to say positive things about but frankly don't have much to say. It's all been-there-done-that: A relatable, but easy directorial debut that frankly only got half the attention it did because it was shot on film.