Police Story

Police Story ★★★★★

5.0/5.0 = Masterpiece

I am going to bawl the day Jackie Chan dies. He is my Kobe Bryant. The fact that he put himself through this much pain, directed the damn film, and sang the closing theme song (!?!?) just so we could have a good laugh for 100 minutes is quite possibly the most selfless thing a cinematic artist has ever done on the face of this earth. POLICE STORY is a marvel. It would still be the best action film of the year if released today and left completely untouched. It does not age. How can it? A man’s unrivaled commitment to a bit cannot weather with time. It carries with it an intrinsic love for the acrobatic: a dance movie for the boys if you wanna be regressive about it. It’s pure magic. Never as explosive as his loudest blockbusters, but so much more personal. It’s cute, whimsical, funny slapstick that seamlessly plays with all of Chan’s greatest strengths, both as a martial artist and a comedian. It’s not full of insane camera moves and crazy locations (though all of its locations look incredible: the colors in this film are next level), but it’s raw and real and humble in spite of its bombast: Perhaps Jackie Chan’s magnum opus for the sole reason that it feels like it most captures the relentless spirit of making a crazy little movie with — and for — your friends and no one else. Jackie Chan understood one simple thing: nobody cares how dolled up your (read: Hollywood) movie is, it’s about what’s in your heart. In Jackie’s case, his heart was all balls.