The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★

3.0/5.0 = Good

Exponentially better than it has any right to be. A fun spin on THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME, with an act structure that is consistently surprising, switching things up, and never getting comfortable within its wacky world. Craig Zobel knows how to direct action-comedy (this is infinitely better than COMPLIANCE, which I saw a few months ago and really did not like), the gore is absurd, and his use of misdirection is fantastic. Also, Sturgill Simpson playing a redneck wigga is something I never thought I needed to see, but here it is!

The HOSTEL comparisons write themselves, but where Eli Roth's film might be a little bit more scathing in its satire, THE HUNT is also a hell of a lot more fun. It's such a ludicrous, batshit movie, and has a great sense of humor about itself, which goes a long way with something as outlandish as this. Not every joke is a home run, but the gags that work hit so damn hard I found myself gasping for air. What more could you want?

Yes, it's not nearly as politically observant as its trailers may want you to think it is, but it's also a campy, B-movie horror film that sort of harkens back to 70s political-allegory horror (think Romero or Corman): it's not super clever, but it doesn't need to be. It's simply trying to tap into the current zeitgeist, poke fun at it, and torture people who find themselves on the extremes of party lines.