Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Army of the Dead is a bloody good time and a return to form for Zack Synder. It has been over a decade since we have seen Synder return to the Zombie genre and it was a glorious return. This films delivers with exhilarating action that is complimented with fantastic camera work. Which is not surprising since Synder was also the director of photography for his own film. Its filled to the brim with gorgeous visuals, his overzealous use of slow-motion, and also gives one of the best opening montages Synder has ever done.

This film has a fun cast of characters that all have wonderful chemistry with each other. The standouts of this film were Dave Bautista, Omari Hardwick, and Matthias Schweighöfer. The editing could use some cleaning up at some points, but it didn't detract from the action that was happening on screen. This film is definitely a hard rated R with its brutality and action and I loved every second of it.

Hoping that Synder can team up with Netflix again and can possibly make this a franchise that can spawn some sequels. Whatever the case, I can't wait for what Synder works on next.

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