BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Director Spike Lee at his finest.

Adam Driver, John Denzel ( it’s David but lol I’ll keep it like this) Washington, and Topher Grace all gave excellent performances.

I feel that all the films of Spike Lee tend to bring out a favorable light in how us “Americans” can deal with racism.

And seeing this on the one year anniversary of Charlottesville. (The movie has footage of the shitshow at the end that led to one death)

It makes me sad that even a year later overall nothing has changed.

The sad thing is with racism, and truth being is that it’s not going to be leaving are ideals anytime soon. It’s an unfortunate part of life for all us Americans that we have all have to deal with on a day to day basis.

One day it may be gone, but I don’t feel that in any way that it’s going to be anytime soon.

“Fight the Power”

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