Malignant ★★★½

What James Wan has accomplished here is a movie that is even more goofy than An Extremely Goofy Movie.

And, in case you’re wondering, that’s a lot of goofy.

It's a film that almost certainly will not appeal to everyone who watches it. But, for me, it has just the perfect amount of absurdity and self-awareness to stand out from the standard studio-mandated horror we see nowadays from them. 

According to reviews, most of those who critique this picture are unaware of the foregrounds of the Italian subgenre known as Giallo.

Generally, I'm noticing more appreciation for the film on this site, especially from individuals who had more forethought in seeing Giallo-type movies ranking it higher than casual moviegoers who presumably only seen Wan's other films like that of The Conjuring or something in that realm.

I mean, in my eyes, Wan here has checked all the boxes for what defines a delightful Giallo picture, like you would expect to see while watching one of Lucio Fulci or Dario Argento's films.

Like it contains all of the greatest hits that you'd typically see from one of the horror sub-genre type films. Such as the odd acting, the violent kills, that one moment near the conclusion of the film where one of the characters in them unloads virtually all of the exposition to what is actually occurring to the viewer, and last but not least, the unusual quantity drop of melodrama that we'd expect from a typical Giallo film.

But, most significantly, it nails the most vital aspect of making a successful Giallo film: it executes in generating a crazy-as-hell unexpected climax. And, in terms of the works of the genre's masters, Dario Argento, I see quite a homage to him here owing to what transpires in this film's conclusion and how much resemblance it had to his film Tenebre. I mean, I don't want to give too much away, but the finale that goes on here is practically the same as the one Argento did in that film, but it's just taken to a whole other level here.

Hell, I think the only fundamental element that isn't fully in place here that we would expect to see in an actual authentic Giallo film is the customary awkward calm dubbing you'd find in one of them.

Oh, there's maybe one more. Perhaps we don't have a killer here who doesn't go on to kill at least one person with a straight razor or whatever, but even so, the weapon used here gets very near to being one, in my opinion, given the sort of blade utilized in this movie. 

Aside from that, I had a fantastic time with this movie, and as a horror enthusiast, it was nice to see a film with a bit more spiciness in its terror than we'd typically see from one every now and then. So, kudos to James Wan on that one.

I mean, the guy got me to behave like Pee-Wee Herman or some shit with my review of his movie today since it seems that this crazy bastard made me reveal that the secret word of the day today is "Giallo" with this crazy-ass movie.

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