Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Promising Young Woman is a lip glossed coated Rape and Revenge flick for the ages.

Anyway, so wowie, I had to let this one settle down with me as I've been thinking about it for the last 24 hours or so now.

Also, I was lucky enough to see this movie at the cinema for this film, and not only that, but I had the entire theater to myself yesterday morning.

It was pretty much heaven on earth for me, as is it was just me and a big ass screen, which also happened to be playing a pretty bomb-ass movie.

Moving on, so where do I start, and note that this review doesn't have any spoilers.

So, I tend to hate this phrase; however, in this situation, I feel it suits the bill as a whole, but to say that this is the kind of film we need right now, is an understatement.

In the age of Brock Turner, and with the prevalence of rape culture in all college students' minds, including myself, there is no better time for a film like this. 

Promising Young Woman is a film that perfectly dissects and plays with everything that transpires inside the unfair treatment of those that endure sexual assault. More importantly, the repercussions of a flawed system when it comes to the offenders who manage most of the time on receiving absolutely no consequences when a survivor reveals what has happened to them.

Now, if this were any other kind of film, currently, I'd go on to write more about this kind of subject matter at hand and what exactly does this film bring worth by contributing to this specific subject matter.

And considering that sexual assault is a big problem. I just feel like I'm not at all on such good authority to write more when it comes to this specific topic, as I think it would be a lot fairer if I stopped short right now as I only really happen to be just a numbskull that happens to have a habit of watching a lot of movies.

But speaking on behalf of myself, particularly with this film at hand, I'm going to say that I really can't wait to read just about all the writing that will come out of this film — particularly from people with expertise in all areas of coping with sexual assault.

Now speaking on behalf of Carey Mulligan, she's phenomenal here. Her performance in this is spellbinding. It is the type of role that will later be seen as emerging within the legendary status. I hope she'll be nominated for an Oscar for this, as it would be a hell of a crime if she hadn't earned one for her part here.

For myself, Mulligan has ever since both Drive and Shame had come out back in 2011, has quickly fallen on being one of my favorite actresses currently around in the industry.

I don't know if it was the scene in Shame when she started singing New York, New York, or the moment in Drive when she gave Ryan Gosling that unforgettable look when he smashed that man's head in the Elevator that did it for me, but she's done it for me ever since.

So, in conclusion, please go check out this banger, and as soon as you can, but with Covid starting to get worse again, clearly not many people are going to be seeing this film in a theater right now.

So if you're cautious right now about going to a theater as most of us are right now, maybe just wait the 17 or so days for Universal to release this on VOD in January. As I'm sure, most will be seeing it that way anyway in the end, many on this site included.

In any case, other than that, as far as my reasoning is concerned, my primary justification for why the film does not currently have a 5-star rating for me right now is that I'm sure I'm going to have to see it again before I consider making my rating higher.

As I still have a lot to think about with specific plot details, including one that I'm not going to get into at all due to heavy spoilers.

Anyway, Bravo to Emerald Fennell, as she did a hell of a job here. Because wowza, after this, it would be an understatement if I weren't to say that I can't wait to see what kind of film she's going to end up doing next.

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