The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★

Classic Yorgos

Well, this film is fun as hell, it reminded me a lot of Barry Lyndon, well without all the gun duels, and let's say that Emma Stone ain't no Ryan O' Neal. Also, I'll throw a little bit of Ken Russel's The Devils in there too.

All the performances in the movie were all top fucking notch.

It's fantastic that Oliva Colman is finally getting the recognition that she deserves, I loved her ever since Hot Fuzz. Lastly, I'm 100% sure at this point that she'll get an Oscar Nomination for her performance in this.

Rachel Weisz is also fantastic in this.

But I mean for me every time I see her in a movie as of lately I think back to the scene in The Lobster where she gives an inner monologue talking about wanting to live a life in the city with Colin Farrell, and how badly she wants to get fucked in the arse by him.

Emma Stone is pretty great in this too, she's British in this, what a reach! 

She's a feisty one in this movie. Like I understand why all the men in this movie let her kick them in the balls. I’d be down for it too. 

Great Movie, my audience though seemed to be pissed when it was over due to the ambiguity of it. I didn't mind it because well speaking for myself if you are familiar with Yorgos and his other works this shouldn't be in any way a problem for you.

Now if you excuse me, I have to eat my cinnamon raisin bagel.

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